Compare and contrast essay on odyssey

He drags his body behind his chariot for days wishing he would have fought sooner and prevented the death of his friend.

Compare and contrast essay on odyssey

Penelope and Penny are the same character in different situations. Penelope and Penny are married to men of adventure, the ways they handle their relationship reveals the kind of woman they are.

Penelope and Penny are woman connected to Odysseus and Everett. Two men were unheard of for years. Pageline 12 This shows that Odysseus was away for so long that Penelope made herself think that her husband was not coming back.

Compare and contrast essay on odyssey

The old nurse told her more information Odysseus and him disguised as a beggar, Penelope started to believe her, but she still needed to prove that, the beggar was really her husband Odysseus.

Penelope believed the nurse but at the same time was Compare and contrast essay on odyssey. When Everett and Odysseus comes unexpectedly back to his old town where Penny and Penelope lives, Penny moved on without Everett, by moving on she told her children that Everett their father that he got hit by a train.

Penny even got engaged with a suitor. Sooner Penny forgave him and they got engaged.

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In both of these scenarios Penelope and Penny reveal that they are some what forgiving wives towards their husbands even though they were away for years. Penelope and Penny handle their relationships differently.

She finds out that it was Odysseus when she tells Eurycleia to move the sturdy bedstead out of the their bridal chamber. Who could move my bed, impossible task, even for some skilled craftsman.

There relationship picks up from where they left it years ago. When Everett comes back he too wants to start where he left off with Penny. It seems like Everett tries to make Penny happy, but it always fails. Its like Penny sees his effort but, until everything is perfect and the way she wants it to be then, everyone will suffer with her.

The movie Penny is the same person, who knows her husband Everett is trying his best to please her, but still pushes him away. When night falls and the world lies lost in sleep, I take to my bed, my heart throbbing about to break anxieties swarming, piercing.

She wants to marry a man similar to Odysseus. Honestly Penny, seemed like she fully moved on from Everett, and blocked him out from her life. Penny hardly changes through out the movie.

Penelope and Penny might be based on the same situations, but their attitudes toward their husbands are different. Penny and Penelope are both connected by their husbands Everett and Odysseus.

They are mostly different, not much alike because of their attitudes towards their husbands Penelope changes through out the book, a woman who is afraid to over power, but begins to feel her power strengthening once Odysseus comes back from his 20 year journey.

Penny hardly changes she ignores her husband Everett, stays that same way towards the end even when she gets back together with Everett she has no feelings for what her husband does to make her happy.

Though Penny and Penelope go through the same situation with their husbands not being there for years, they learn to be powerful, strong and forgiving women at the end.Compare and Contrast is a pattern of organization where the similarities and differences between two or more things are explored.

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Quarter 3 BM(The Odyssey Compare/Contrast Essay)-we had to pick a character from “The Odyssey” and a movie or book that had a character that acted just like the one you had to pick and compare, contrast them.. Penelope and Penny are the same character in different situations.

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