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Your stress itself could be making you sick. Before you get too stressed out about being stressed out, there is some good news.

Health problem

Cunha, DO, is a U. Doerr received his undergraduate degree in Spanish from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Texas Medical Branch, Galveston.

Symptoms of 12 serious diseases and health problems facts When is a cough "just" a coughor a headache a symptom to be concerned about? Listed are signs and symptoms that could indicate a serious health condition, and you should see a doctor if you experience any symptoms of concern.

Sometimes, a symptom in one part of the body may be a sign of a problem in another part of the body. Moreover, unrelated symptoms that might be minor on their own could be warning signs of a more serious medical disease or condition.

Listen to your body, note all symptoms, and share them in detail with your doctor. Signs of a heart attack include painpressure, squeezing, or feeling of fullness in the center of the chest that lasts more than a few minutes; pain or discomfort in other areas of the upper body; shortness of breath ; cold sweat; nausea ; or lightheadedness.

Signs of a stroke include facial drooping, arm weaknessdifficulty with speechrapidly developing dizziness or balance, sudden numbness or weakness, loss of visionconfusionor severe headache.

Health problem

Symptoms of breast problems include nipple dischargeunusual breast tenderness or pain, breast or nipple skin changes, or lump or thickening in or near breast or in the underarm area. Symptoms of stomach or digestive problems include rectal bleedingblood in the stool or black stoolschanges in bowel habits or not being able to control bowels, constipationdiarrheaheartburn or acid refluxor vomiting blood.

Symptoms of bladder problems include difficult or painful urinationfrequent urination, loss of bladder control, blood in urinewaking frequently at night to urinate or wetting the bed at night, or leaking urine. Symptoms of muscle or joint problems include persistent muscle pains and body aches that are persistent, for example, numbness or tingling; pain, tenderness, stiffness, swelling, inflammation, or redness in or around joints; and decreased range of motion or loss of function of any joints or muscles.

Symptoms of emotional problems include anxietydepression fatiguefeeling tense, flashbacks and nightmaresdisinterest in regular activities, suicidal thoughtshallucinationsor delusions. Symptoms of headache problems not including everyday tension headaches include headaches that come on suddenly, "the worst headache of your life," and headache associated with severe dizzinessnauseavomitingand inability to walk.

Symptoms of eating or weight problems include extreme thirstdehydrationexcessive hunger, losing weight without trying, binging, vomitingstarvation, preoccupation with food and weight, distorted body imagecompulsive exerciseabuse of laxatives or diet pills, and depression.

Symptoms, Signs, and Causes Heart Attack Symptoms in Women Chest pain and pressure are the characteristic symptoms of a heart attack; however, women are somewhat more likely than men to experience heart attack that does not occur in this typical fashion.

Instead, some women with heart attacks may experience more of the other symptoms, like lightheadedness.They appear as small lumps or nodules and can be also known as a & Symptoms · Causes & Risk Factors · Treatment & Prevention · Important FactsTypes: A-Z Conditions, Family & Pregnancy, Fitness & Nutrition, Living Healthy.

Global Observatory on Health Research and Development (R&D) Published following wide user feedback on a demonstration version, this is a centralized and comprehensive source of information and analyses on global health R&D activities.

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Health problem

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