How to write an equivalence class psychology

Smell Taste The first three are probably most important to a robot; the latter two relate more closely to human's need to extract nutritious food from the environment The second design challenge is arguably more significant; the robot will need a system which takes the incoming sensory information and "perceives" it, i. Human beings, through evolution, have emerged as have other animals with finely honed sensory and perceptual systems which can detect order and patterns even in low-information environments.

How to write an equivalence class psychology

Using them can help you earn your distance degree more quickly—and at considerable cost savings. Why have most online universities developed life experience college credit assessment programs? Today, the majority of "college kids" are 24 years old or older. The average online masters degree student is 40 years old.

Your life experience and work experience—corporate training, professional licenses, etc. Valid credit for life experience degree programs can make an online degree much more affordable. Here are five ways to turn what you've learned in life and work experience into valid online college course credit.

For a modest fee, anyone can take these exams at local testing sites. Most exams are multiple choice, feature an average of one hundred questions, and can be completed in an hour or less.

More than 2, accredited colleges, both residential schools and online schools, accept CLEP test results for undergraduate degree credit. The CLEP program features 33 single-subject college exams and five general exams.

What is EQUIVALENCE CLASS? definition of EQUIVALENCE CLASS (Psychology Dictionary)

Single-subject exams cover material that is covered in a single college course. For example, the College Algebra CLEP covers the material commonly taught during an introductory course in college algebra.

The five general CLEP exams cover freshman-level knowledge in English composition, humanities, college mathematics, natural sciences and social sciences. If all five general exams are passed, up to 30 college credits may be awarded—the equivalent of an entire year of college. For more information about CLEP exams, contact: The College Board Thirty-eight subject-specific exams cover business, social science, humanities, math and the physical sciences.

Most who register for these credit-by-exam offerings are also working toward a distance undergraduate degree with Excelsior, but other colleges also accept these tests.

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Choose from nearly 50 exams in the arts and sciences, business, nursing and education. The school also offers eight UExcel Exams in partnership with Pearson VUEwhich are three- to six-credit by exams for lower-level subjects. If this sounds like you, consider earning credits for experience by putting together a written academic portfolio.

You might be a good candidate for life experience or work experience college credits through the academic portfolio process if: Challenge exams are not offered in your area s of expertise You enjoy writing papers and reports What you know represents applied knowledge, rather than textbook theory You have products—such as artwork, certificates, business plans, articles, software, videos or written reports—which attest to your competency in selected subject areas.

Colleges that accept portfolios for review often require learners to enroll in a course to learn how to put together an academic portfolio.

Learners in the distance learning program at Ohio Universityfor example, must complete the Life and Career Experiences Analysis course to learn how to compile a portfolio. The homework for this course involves working with an advisor to identify and document college-level knowledge for degree credit.

Non-collegiate training programs can often be converted to life experience credit through a portfolio process. These assessors review course content, textbooks and classroom procedures.Get Explorable Courses Offline in handy PDF's.

how to write an equivalence class psychology

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Our psychology guide. Get insights on psychology concepts, the human mind and.

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Dec 10,  · I am now a quarter of the way done with my junior year, and a quarter of the way done with AP Psychology. Which, as I predicted, is by far my favorite class. Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed answers to any questions you might have Meta Discuss the workings and policies of this site.


Prerequisites: PSY ; Passing grade in AAS, AFRS, CHS, or ENGL or eligibility for the lower division writing requirement. Designed for students majoring in Psychology. Development of a greater understanding of the relationship between human behavior and human physiology.

A professor of industrial psychology teaches undergraduate and graduate courses as well as general psychology classes, including intro to psychology, social psychology and statistics. This position usually requires a doctoral degree in industrial psychology and a psychology .

Then measure the two lines - write up the cms on the board and work out (roughly the ratio) - the class median will usually be 20% to 30% shorter on the vertical than the horizontal - very rarely will a single student have requested a vertical line sufficiently long.

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