Isolation and purification of cholesterol from

Experimental Procedure A sample of crushed gallstones weighing about mg will be obtained and weighed. The crushed gallstones will then be placed in a 10 x nm reaction tube along with a boiling stick and 1.

Isolation and purification of cholesterol from

Two hard boiled egg yolks were twice extracted with diethyl ether and methanol, with the filtrate collected via vacuum filtration.

Isolation and purification of cholesterol from

Potassium hydroxide pellets were added to the filtrate, the ether was distilled off, and the mixture was saponified by reflux. The crude cholesterol was isolated through a series of ether extractions and aqueous washes; then the ether was dried with MgSO4 and removed by rotary evaporation.

The melting point of the yellow, sticky crude product was oC. This crude product was then recrystallized from methanol, yielding 0. The melting point of the off-white crystalline final product was oC, which is very close to the literature value for cholesterol of The percent of cholesterol in egg yolks was calculated using the mass of the recrystallized product.

This calculation does not seem to be valid, as the melting points demonstrated that the recrystallized product was not as pure as the final product. The goal of the experiment was accomplished; cholesterol was isolated and purified from the egg yolks.Isolation, molecular characterisation and sequencing of cholesterol degrading bacteria A.

Jayachitra 1*, Degradation analysis of cholesterol purification Dialysis This experiment was done to purify the cholesterol oxidase enzyme which is degrading the cholesterol.

Sterile cholesterol Tween . A simple procedure for the isolation of the cholesterol, by hydrolysis and extraction followed by column chromatography, is described. The cholesterol can be further purified by complexation with oxalic acid. Roopa, P., Isolation and Characterisation of Cholesterol Biodegrading Bacteria from Industrial Waste, Partial Purification of Cholesterol Oxidase, its Bioreactor and Application Studies, Int.

J. Pure App.


Biosci. and HDL Purification Kit (blue bars) or ultracentrifugation (red bars) was tested for the presence of Cholesterol using the Total Cholesterol Assay Kit (Cat. # STA). To increase the purity of crude cholesterol extraction, silica gel column chromatography and crystallization were carried out.

Finally, cholesterol was obtained at % purity, % recovery and % yield. The extraction efficiency of liquid ethanol extraction method was determined indirectly by comparing the total lipid contents of the original egg yolk material (EYP) and ethanol-extracted (i.e.

delipidated) materials (EtOH-DEYP). The total lipid content of the original material was in average g kg −1.

Isolation Cholesterol from Gallstones via Extraction and Recrystallization