Manixs origins

With the game tied a after LMU had rallied with a run in the eighth inning, the Gonzaga ninth started with Drew Heid reaching on a pop fl y single to centerfi eld. Tyson Van Winkle then grounded a ball deep in the hole to the shortstop who threw to second just in time to get Heid. With Van Winkle at fi rst, Ryan Wiegand earned a four-pitch walk to put runners on fi rst and second for Sturdivant, who had entered the game as a pinch hitter in the eighth inning.

Manixs origins

Last season a serial killer named The Ogre introduced Babs to the simple joys of murder — of her parents, no less. Add to that the presence of Jerome Valeska Cameron Monaghanwhose name sounds like "Joker" if you say it real fast, and whose laugh is reminiscent of a certain Clown Prince of Crime.

He shares a Manixs origins room with Barbara in Arkham and seems to have a romantic interest in the debutante psychopath. In the comics, the Joker has so many possible origins that no one knows what the real one is. But is it possible that "Gotham" has provided the Ace of Knaves his first official origin story?

Well, no, speculates the Speculatron -- not if the show plans to hang on to its overarching, comic-based premise. Despite the Manixs origins playing Bruce Wayne now being as tall as Alfred David Mazouz enjoyed quite a growth spurt between seasonsthe character isn't even a teenager yet.

Unless the future Batman is going to be knocking around senior citizens, Jerome and Barbara can't possibly be Joker and Harley, but instead some kind of prototype couple who will inspire the real Joker and Harley, who will likely come along later.

That sounds a bit much, doesn't it? OK, Speculatron says the deadly duo really are Joker and Harley … unless they're not. Now add to the mix "the Secret Six. They are also related a little bit to the Suicide Squad, which is not only enjoying some lethal fun and games over in "Arrow," but is also slated for its own movie in -- and also has included Harley as a member.

Why bring that up? Because a new baddie has broken Barbara, Jerome and four other mixed nuts out of Arkham to form a team of homicidal looney tunes called the Maniax.

We've leaped beyond the available facts here. In addition to Jerome-maybe-Joker and Barbara-maybe-Harley, we have three new guys. One is Aaron Helzinger, who bears a slight resemblance to Bat-villain Amygdala -- a big, strong guy driven by rage and fear. And Mad Hatter is supposed to appear this season.

A third is Arnold Dobkins Will Brillwho doesn't really look like anybody. The Speculatron just went crazy!

Full text of "The Journal of Anatomy and Physiology Volume VI"

Because there's another semi-major villain who appeared in both "Secret Six" and "Suicide Squad," one who is appropriately demented he has a death wish and one who is going to be pretty popular when the "Suicide Squad" movie premieres.

That would be Floyd Lawton, the sniper known as Deadshot. The Speculatron would blow a fuse if this Dobkins fellow took to wearing a telescopic eyepiece, because that would say Deadshot to us.

That is only five characters, and six were broken out of Arkham. The sixth, though, doesn't survive the season premiere. But he's dead, so forget him. His place on the team will be taken by a whip-wielding killer named Tabitha Galavan Jessica Lucaswho goes by the name Tigress.Find local TV listings for your local broadcast, cable and satellite providers and watch full episodes of your favorite TV shows online.

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Manixs origins

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Manixs origins

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