Public pool business plan

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Public pool business plan

These businesses, which may be operated by a single professional, have relatively low start-up costs and good earnings potential if a solid client base is built. Talk to local pool supply store owners and other related businesses to discover business trends in your area, such as new pool construction.

Purchase the equipment necessary to run your swimming pool service business. Basic equipment includes poles with both skimmer and vacuum attachments, vacuum hoses, pH balance test kits and pool water chemicals. You will also need to purchase a truck for transporting materials if you do not already own one.

Contact local health departments and ask about gaining certification to clean public pools. The certification process may have required fees, but will open up public pools as a possible source of business.

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Decide on pay rates to charge your customers for your pool cleaning service. You can also make more money by providing additional services. Build your business by contacting potential clients and making them aware of your service.

This can include homeowners who have a pool as well as private residential businesses, like apartments or condominiums, that need to maintain pool cleanliness for patrons. If you have business cards, you could leave some at pool supply stores or at pool builder offices.

Create driving routes to plan out which pools you will service at a given time throughout the week. This is important, as time wasted driving can severely impact how much money you can earn through a swimming pool service business. Proper routing and cleaning times allow a pool service professional to clean and repair two to three pools each hour.

Tip If a pool-route broker operates in your area, you can contact him to see about purchasing a pool-route account. The route gives you more customers across a preplanned route optimized for quick traveling.Business Plan The vision of Mission Valley Aquatics is to provide a state-of-the-art aquatic facility that enhances the health, fitness, safety, recreation and quality of life for all in the Mission Valley.

Pool 1 = Income £30, Pool 2 = Income £51, Pool 3 = £77, You can see that the business level of Pool 1 falls below the VAT tax threshold and with Pool 2 income being just over the VAT threshold it demonstrates just how damaging VAT can be to a small business.

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public pool business plan

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