Which do consumers prefer healthy food

People want to buy healthy, local food, survey shows Almost all households rated healthy foods as being the most important of these considerations. The figures show the need for retailers and producers to make sure labels are clear and effective, and to understand the difference between what consumers care about and what they actually feel able to buy in their weekly shop. Almost all households rated healthy foods as being the most important of these considerations with 80 per cent of people rating it as the most important factor affecting their buying decisions.

Which do consumers prefer healthy food

I understand that, despite the popularity of organic foods, clothing and other products, organic agriculture is still only practiced on a tiny percentage of land worldwide.

According to the latest global census of farming practices, the area of land certified as organic makes up less than one percent of global agricultural land—but it has grown more than threefold sincewith upwards of 37 million hectares of land worldwide now under organic cultivation.

The Organic Trade Association forecasts steady growth of nine percent or more annually for organic agriculture in the foreseeable future.

But despite this growth, no one expects organic agriculture to top conventional techniques any time soon.

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The biggest hurdle for organics is the added cost of sustainable practices. Other problems for organic foods include changing perceptions about just how much healthier they are than non-organics. Non-organic fruits and vegetables had more pesticide residue, to be sure, but more than 99 percent of the time the levels were below the permissible, very conservative safety limits set by regulators—limits that are established by the Environmental Protection Agency and enforced by the Food and Drug Administration.

Miller believes that as more consumers become aware of these problems, the percentage of the agriculture market taken up by organics will begin to shrink.

Another challenge facing the organic sector is a shortage of organic raw materials such as grain, sugar and livestock feed. Organic agriculture is sure to keep growing for years to come.

Which do consumers prefer healthy food

Organic Trade Association, www.Back Title. Our products contain only meat that is grass fed and/or pasture raised without the use of added hormones and antibiotics. Treating animals with dignity and respect is what we do, and the result is meat that you can feel good about eating yourself and feeding your family!

Which do consumers prefer healthy food

But, they recognize room for improvement and want to do better. Click here to view the Press Release. Click here to download the Executive Summary (PDF). Click here to download the full infographic (PDF) On Thursday, June 7th at pm ET, the IFIC Foundation will host a webcast to provide details on the Food & Health Survey.

The webcast will also offer hours of Continuing Education Units for .

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GLOBAL HEALTH AND WELLNESS REPORT 1 C T N Company WE ARE WHAT WE EAT HEALTHY EATING TRENDS AROUND • Half (49%) of global respondents believe they are overweight, and half (50%) are trying to lose weight.

• Consumers seek fresh, natural and minimally processed foods. And they’re doing so by making more healthful food choices. Beyond these basic subcategories, there are studies showing that education, health, finances, culture, advocacy, environmental issues and much more shape organic consumers.

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May 19,  · M ost of the food found in the grocery store is the product of an unsustainable food system.. This food is dependent on foreign oil, is destroying soil, contaminates water, has caused disease outbreaks, and may be robbing our grandchildren of the ability to grow food at all.

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