Why violent video games hould be

Studies have shown that kids with an already aggressive behavior that are prone to violence get ideas on how to act out in different violent ways. Leave out the part about these kids already being violent.

Why violent video games hould be

Print My son loves video games. He spends hours every day in his room playing them. Is there any redeeming educational value to video games? Some seem like they could help him learn strategy.

Should Violent Video Games be Banned

Video games that require kids to actually move or manipulate the game through their own physical movement can even get sedentary kids moving — but not as much as if they actually played outside or participated in sports.

Other games don't have such benefits, and violent video games have been shown to increase kids' aggressive behavior. Like a lot of aspects of raising kids, when it comes to video games, the healthiest approach is moderation.

For kids and teens 5 to 18 years, the American Academy of Pediatrics AAP recommends that parents place consistent limits on time spent using any media.

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This includes playing video games on gaming consoles, tablets, or smartphones. Using media should not take the place of getting enough sleep or being physically active. So consider setting limits to keep game-playing from interfering with schoolwork, household chores, and the physical activity your son needs every day.

All video games are rated and labeled by the Entertainment Software Rating Board. Steer clear of any rated "M" for "mature.

Keep the video game console in a common area of the house, not your son's room. Also pay attention to time spent playing games on smartphones and tablets. Make sure your son has other appealing choices: If you continue to have concerns about his video game activity, talk with your doctor.In contrast to the system in the US, in the UK video games that depict "gross violence", "sexual activity" or "techniques likely to be useful in the commission of offences" must be classified under the British Board of Film Classification's (BBFC) film rating system under the Video Recordings Act of A meta-study carried out by the American Psychological Association has claimed that playing computer games has many positive effects on children and, in some cases, the more violent the game the.

Why violent video games hould be

Yahoo Lifestyle is your source for style, beauty, and wellness, including health, inspiring stories, and the latest fashion trends. Violent Video Games Should be banned It is the fact that violent video games is now increasing in popularity and number, it is also the fact that there is an increasing number of violence and behavior problem for young people around the world aside from all the strict age regulations of violent video games over the past few years.

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People have turned to science for answers on the question of violence and video games. For now, though, there are no answers, at least not of the quantitative, immediately useful variety.

Video games, violent ones especially, have caused such concern that the issue of whether the sale or rental of such games to children should be prohibited was brought before the Supreme Court.

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