Writing ascom drivers

Here are the facts I have pulled together from my own experience and various sources into what I hope will become the definitive guide to installing ASCOM Platform 6 and the. In all cases, your operating system must be at the latest service pack 1 and up-to-date via Windows Update.

Writing ascom drivers

Submitted by Anonymous not verified on Tue Oct 2, This is a technical article about communication between your observing devices and your computer. And think about astronomy software, in particular planetarium programs that control your go-to telescope.

Until recently, if the software did not support your telescope mount, your imaging camera, your guiding camera, your focuser, or some other part of your setup you had a problem.

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The software maker is obliged to make, for example, planetarium software work with a large number of telescope mounts to make it writing ascom drivers. This frees the writer of the planetarium software to concentrate on the aspects of the software that relate to the functionality of the program.

The idea is that the software maker creates programs that communicate in the same ASCOM compliant language and the device manufacturer or an interested third party creates a driver that interprets the ASCOM commands and converts those to commands that their device understands.

Communication from the device to the software reverses the communication path; the ASCOM interpreter translates the communication from the device into language that the software understands.

Telescope mounts have long used serial ports COM Ports for communication between the software and the device. This is a bit of a relic, and many mounts are moving away from using serial ports.

A look at the parts you need

No other software can simultaneously use the serial port to connect to the same device. The ASCOM driver can accommodate more than one communication path from software so two or more computer programs can communicate simultaneously to the device through the same ASCOM driver.

Perhaps the two programs have non-overlapping capabilities. That is, maybe the first program has a great list of NGC objects and the second has a great list of variable stars. Both can be running simultaneously and can share the communication path to the telescope mount.

If all this sounds complicated to set up and make work, all you need to know is whether there is an ASCOM driver for your device telescope mount, focuser, camera, dome, filter wheel, etc.

These people have done a great service to the astronomical community. It does, however, support a similar, although proprietary, standard. With this capability installed the ability to control your telescope and other devices remotely is only a few short steps away.

Even if those few steps are only the distance between the observatory and a warm room, this could represent a significant advance in amateur capabilities.Be sure to remove the driver's ASCOM Chooser info when the driver is uninstalled.

Local Server Pattern: Drivers With Multiple Interfaces & Universal Bit-ness.

writing ascom drivers

A driver can expose multiple interfaces (for example Telescope and Focuser for a mount that has both pointing and focuser controls). Features of the Astro-Physics V2 ASCOM driver as compared to the vxx driver: Adheres to the ASCOM Telescope V2 Standard (the old driver only complied with the V1 standard).

Has a Control Window which provides comprehensive status and control over mount operations. Jul 22,  · I want to use this camera as a guide camera, use PHD2 or MaximDL to control my camera, somebody tell me I need a ASCOM driver. so how to write it, any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Edited by iAstro, 26 July - AM. May 19,  · A tutorial for writing ASCOM drivers in Visual Studio for telescope and astronomy hardware which is controlled by an Arduino.

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Installing the drivers

Before embarking on driver development, you should have the ASCOM Platform Developer Components installed on your system. Driver templates, most of the developer documentation, and the installer generator are included in the Developer Components installation. It uses an area of the registry set aside for ASCOM drivers.

A browser, the. Controlling a Telescope Mount over WiFi This guide describes how to connect a telescope mount to your computer over WiFi using ASCOM drivers which will allow you to control the telescope mount using standard ASCOM based astronomy software.

Driver Development